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'Computer-Aided Drug Design: Linking Design, Biology, Chemistry & Medicine' image

Computer-Aided Drug Design: Linking Design, Biology, Chemistry & Medicine

03 May
Trinity Biomedical Sciences Institute, Pearse Street, D2

On behalf of the Schools of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences and Biochemistry & Immunology, Trinity College Dublin and the Computer-Aided Drug Design Centre Biruni University (Istanbul), we would like to officially invite you to register and participate in the International Symposium & Workshop entitled: Computer-Aided Drug Design: Linking Design, Biology, Chemistry and Medicine » more information

'Technology Ireland & Bank of Ireland: Successful Scaling' image

Technology Ireland & Bank of Ireland: Successful Scaling

09 May
Ibec, 84-86 Lower Baggot Street, D2

Please join us for a briefing on scaling technology companies, in Ibec's headquarters on Wednesday, 9th May at 8.00am. » more information

'DCU & DkIT Business Matchmaker and Research Showcase 2018' image

DCU & DkIT Business Matchmaker and Research Showcase 2018

15 May
The Helix, DCU Campus, Dublin 9

This is an opportunity for companies to meet face-to-face with experts at Dublin City University (DCU) and Dundalk Institute of Technology (DkIT) who are actively engaged in research that has applications across many industry sectors. » more information

'Startup Lighthouse - Travel Tech Deep Dive Week' image

Startup Lighthouse - Travel Tech Deep Dive Week

21 May

DCU Ryan Academy is one of 6 partners in the 2018-2020, Startup Lighthouse Programme. Startup Lighthouse provides a unique combination of soft landing, acceleration & internationalisation support. Focusing on 4 ecosystems: Berlin, Lisbon, Dublin and the Baltics, the programme is structured by vertical-specific batches; IoT, Blockchain, E-Gov, Healthcare, Analytics, TravelTech. » more information

'Leading Digital Transformation & Creating Competitive Advantage' image

Leading Digital Transformation & Creating Competitive Advantage

23 May
84-86 Lower Baggot Street, Dublin 2

This one-day workshop "Leading Digital Transformation and Creating Competitive Advantage in the Digital Economy" jointly hosted by the Innovation Forum and Ionology is for senior leaders responsible for creating new competitive advantage. The key difference between the digital innovators and those that are simply 'doing digital' can be found in the traits of the leadership. » more information

'ICTTF - CYBERGEDDON - Executive Cyber Briefing' image

ICTTF - CYBERGEDDON - Executive Cyber Briefing

25 May
Spencer Hotel, Excise Walk, IFSC, D1

May is an interesting month for anyone responsible for dealing with cyber risk. The 9th May is the deadline for the NIS Directive to become part of national legislation. Of course, May 25th will see the significant change in privacy landscape across Europe, as the much hyped and feared "GDPR" will go live. » more information