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IC4-DCU Symposium: The Potential Impacts of Brexit on the Irish Economy

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Date: 08 December 2017
Time(s): 0900-1300
Venue: DCU Business School, Glasnevin, Dublin 9
'IC4-DCU Symposium: The Potential Impacts of Brexit on the Irish Economy' image

The UK decision to leave the EU has opened a period of high uncertainty for business decision makers and has the potential to have significant implications for the European financial sector. With the European financial hub – London – outside the EU, major financial services companies are now looking for a new home within the European Economic Area. Ireland is arguably well placed to benefit from Brexit but it has to overcome undeniable challenges in order to exploit such an opportunity. 

DCU Business School has recently joined the European Capital Markets Cooperative Research Centre, a foundation to promote and facilitate capital markets research amongst research institutions and industry, and has launched the Finance Innovation Group in order to support the Irish financial services industry and to explore the potential impacts of technology innovation on businesses. 

This fourth symposium organised by the Finance Innovation Group at DCU will focus on the potential impacts of Brexit from a regulatory, economic and business perspectives, with a particular focus on the finance and technology sectors.

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