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Knowledge Transfer Summit - Accelerating Ideas

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Date: 14 September 2017
Time(s): 0930-1630
Venue: Round Room, Mansion House, Dawson Street, D2
'Knowledge Transfer Summit - Accelerating Ideas' image

KTI's Knowledge Transfer Summit will bring together keynote speakers from Ireland and further afield. The Summit will address current issues in commercialising research for the benefit new and existing businesses.

Well-known entrepreneurs and business leaders will share their insights on how to drive innovation and how to maximise the potential of working with Ireland's public research system.

You will hear from investors on what makes a wise research investment and growth trajectory. And from companies on the business impact of externalising R&D.

The conference also will present international perspectives and emerging trends in knowledge transfer.

Whether you come from a commercial, knowledge transfer or R&D background and whether you represent a micro-enterprise, SME or multinational company, this conference is the place for you to learn, share and network.

KTI looks forward to welcoming you there.

Free to attend – register at