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FIT - Announce Two Forthcoming New ICT Apprenticeships

27 November 2017
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With a target of 1,000 participants a year by 2021, Ireland's new Tech Apprenticeships redefine the concept of 'hire education'

FIT Ltd. (Fast Track into Information Technology Limited) with the support of Accenture, SOLAS, Education and Training Boards and the Apprenticeship Council is pleased to announce two forthcoming new ICT apprenticeships, the first of their kind in Ireland.

FIT is announcing a new tech apprenticeship initiative comprising two technology apprenticeships at Level 6 on the National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ) namely:

  1. ICT Associate Professional Software Developer
  2. ICT Associate Professional Network Engineer

International experience indicates that ICT apprenticeships help technology businesses build a skilled and motivated workforce in a timely and cost effective manner. Employers of all sizes gain access to adept tech enthusiasts who attain bespoke skills that enable them to be highly productive and to 'hit the ground running' in a relatively short period.

Giving Employers Ready Access to Tech Talent

Open to people of Leaving Cert standard or equivalent, the tech apprenticeships embrace a 'learning by doing' format of ICT skills development, which has been championed by industry and is now incorporated as an integrated component of statutory provision.

The two-year paid programmes, based on a dual-education model, integrate college-based learning with on-the-job application in companies such as Accenture, and culminates in the attainment of the ICT Associate Professional Apprenticeship Award. All training costs of the apprentices will be covered by the State through the National Training Fund. FIT manages all aspects of the programme and coordinates employer input.

Peter Davitt, CEO of FIT said at the announcement today "Research that FIT is currently concluding into skills needs indicate current vacancies in the tech sector to be in the thousands and growing. We believe 75% of these roles can be addressed in a timely manner through the new Tech Apprenticeships to the benefit of indigenous companies as well as the multi-nationals located in Ireland and most importantly to the benefit of those wishing to pursue a fulfilling career in the sector". Davitt praised the vision of the Apprenticeship Council for supporting the development of new apprenticeships and acknowledged the key role of the Education and Training Boards throughout the country in the delivery of the training elements of the programme.

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