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ISAX Smart Ageing Innovation Awards Now Open for Applications

08 September 2017
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'ISAX Smart Ageing Innovation Awards Now Open for Applications' image

The Smart Ageing Innovation Awards aim to recognize and celebrate innovative products, services, and technologies, across multiple sectors that help to improve the quality of life of consumers aged 50+, and so raise awareness of and strengthen the Irish Smart Ageing Economy. They will illustrate the breadth of the consumer markets and the size of the opportunities available for entrepreneurs, investors, public authorities and civil society.

Prize Fund will include:

· €5000 cash prize

· Membership of ISAX (value €15000)

· Webport Global Licence (value €2500)

· 1:1 Mentorship session with Bobby Kerr

· Engagement with Bank of Ireland Innovation team to support the needs of the winning business

· Access to Legal and Accounting Services

Winners and finalists will be invited to showcase their product or service at the Awards Ceremony in November 2017, where they will be celebrated for their achievements. Winning teams will also receive exclusive photographs from the events. This will be an opportunity to network and exchange with other operators from across the Smart Ageing Economy. The Smart Ageing Awards are open to submissions from start-ups and small businesses with 30 employees or less who have designed and developed products and services that enhance the lives of all as we age. Innovative solutions are welcomed from across the following areas that make up the Smart Ageing Economy.

The Six categories for this year's Smart Ageing Innovation Awards are outlined below:


Ageing is a fact of life and with it comes certain senior health issues. In this category we are looking to recognise businesses delivering innovative solutions across a number of areas e.g connected health, diagnostics, data analytics, medical devices, Improved disease management, bio-pharmacy, wellbeing products and services.


Here we are looking for great examples of Fintech Startups in e.g. Innovations in financial products, Protections against fraud, Cyber security, Data Solutions, Insurance against future care costs, and the provision of financial services through the engagement of technology.


Eating a well-balanced diet is an important part of staying healthy as you age. In this category we are looking to recognize businesses that have developed functional and nutritional food promoting specific health benefits and enhancing wellbeing.


This award will recognize businesses that are delivering innovative solutions that improve the quality of life and enable people to stay in their homes independently. Examples include integrated technology into housing developments, ambient assisted living products, smart housing adaptations, furnishings and design, and housing developments catering to the needs of all of us as we live longer.


The tourism sector is emerging as one of the biggest beneficiaries of the ageing process. In this category we are looking to recognize businesses that are delivering innovative travel and recreational experiences e.g. bundled tourism products tailored to the older traveler segments including gyms, and recreational activities.


Mature Entrepreneurship in on the increase across the world. The only criteria is that you will have been aged 50+ when starting your business. This award will recognize mature entrepreneurship across all sectors (not just the smart ageing sector). You can be an established small business or an emerging start up and at the early stages of developing your business. 


The winner of this award will be selected from across the six categories 

Closing date for entries 20th September 2017

Click here to apply (