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Irish Centre for Cloud Computing and Commerce (IC4)

Address: Tony McEnroe, Centre Director, Dublin City University, Glasnevin, Dublin 9.

Phone: +353 (0)1 700 6849


The Irish Centre for Cloud Computing & Commerce (IC4) is a multi-institutional research centre located at Dublin City University (DCU) and includes researchers from University College Cork (UCC) and Athlone Institute of Technology (AIT). IC4 carries out applied technical and business research in cloud computing, in areas that are chosen by its industrial members and that are strategically important for the future growth in the Irish economy.

IC4's mission is to:

i) generate and transfer knowledge and technology to its industry members, in areas they can commercialise

ii) accelerate the rate at which businesses adopt cloud computing

iii) showcase Ireland's capabilities in cloud computing

One of IC4's main research priorities is "building trust and dependability in the cloud", whose goal is to address the need for compliance to standards, qualityof- service, data privacy, auditability and reliability of service. These issues permeate the cloud ecosystem and are relevant to cloud platform or application developers, cloud service providers, cloud solution resellers and to cloud consumers.