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Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT)

Address: 143-149 Rathmines Road, Dublin 6.

Phone: +353 (1)402 3000


Research in DIT is consolidated into four overarching themes (Information & Media Technologies; New Materials & Technologies; Environment & Health; and Society, Culture & Enterprise) and carried out primarily through its Research Institutes and designated R&D Centres.

DIT Hothouse works with researchers across the Dublin Institute of Technology to develop technologies to a stage where they are commercially focused, have demonstrated market potential and are industry-ready with the capability of providing significant competitive advantages. Currently, DIT Hothouse has a range of technologies available at various stages of development to companies across a wide variety of sectors. Through a number of commercial arrangements, we work alongside industry partners to develop these technologies further and bring them to market. DIT Hothouse offers excellent commercial terms on all technologies developed through DIT research.

Digital Media Centre (DMC)

The Communications Network Research Institute (CNRI)

DIT Hothouse Innovation & Tech Transfer

culture & heritage, language learning, multimedia interaction, spatially aware computing, digital heritage and machine learning, VoIP, IEEE 802.1, mesh, clean technology, life sciences, food, manufacturing