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Collaborative Centre for Applied Nanotechnology (CCAN)

Address: Dr. Alan Hynes, Executive Director, CCAN, Tyndall National Institute, TCD, Dublin, Ireland

Phone: +353 (0)21 234 6056


CCAN helps Irish companies make more competitive products by applying Ireland's leading nanotechnology and advanced materials expertise to address the companies' technology development challenges. The CCAN approach makes it easy for multiple companies or research providers to collaborate in order to combine the variety of skillsets necessary to develop nano-enabled products. We aim to put nanotechnology to work, creating value for our industry members and the Irish economy. We deliver industry solutions by combining expertise from anywhere in the country into project teams focused on our industry members requirements. Our focus is on materials solutions for Life Science and ICT companies. CCAN currently has 16 member companies, 10 of which are SMEs. In a 2013 survey, 100% of CCAN member companies would recommend CCAN membership to other companies. If your company is involved in materials development then come and talk to us today to see how CCAN membership can help your business.