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Institute of Technology Tallaght (ITT)

Address: Tallaght, Dublin 24, Ireland

Phone: +353 (1) 404 2000


ITT Dublin is now a leader in research and innovation in the Institute of Technology sector. Research activity has continued to grow since it reached critical mass in the early 2000's. Total research income exceeded €10m in a single year for the first time in 2007, postgraduate student numbers have increased six-fold since 2000 and other research outputs have experienced similar growth.

The Institute has developed a portfolio of prioritised research areas with an applied or translational focus, with an appropriate level of underlying fundamental research. This approach is continued under the Institute's Strategy for Research and Innovation 2008 – 2012. The identification, protection and exploitation of intellectual property arising from this research are also key activities under the strategy, as is further development of the Institute's enterprise development activities.

School of Science & Computing

Keywords: Experimental Sciences, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Information Systems