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Insight -Centre for Data Analytics

Address: UCD, Belfied, Dublin 4

Phone: +353 (1) 716 2473


Insight is Ireland's leading data analytics centre and comprises researchers from six out of Ireland's seven universities. The main goal of the centre is to assist individuals, business and governments in their decision by making, identifying, gathering and analysing the vast amounts of 'big data' available to them.

Large amounts of data are created every day. This information takes many forms, from data generated from transactions (e.g. money transactions using credit cards) to data generated by social media (e.g. Facebook likes, friend interactions, shared photos) to information generated by machines (e.g. sensors). There is a large amount of data available today and without the correct resources and technology systems in place it is difficult to gather and analyse it all.

'Big data' is high volume, high velocity and contains multiple types of information. For these reasons 'big data' is difficult to use using traditional data processing applications. The Insight Centre for Data Analytics was established in 2013 by Science Foundation Ireland to solve this problem. It combines 5 previous centres (Clique, DERI, Clarity, TRIL and 4C) consisting of €150m worth of research, 10 years of experience and 200 researchers. These centres combined have collaborated with 150 different research partners.

Insight is a joint initiative between University College Dublin, the National University of Ireland at Galway, University College Cork, and Dublin City University. At the founding stage the research centre brings together over 200 researchers and 30 industry partners, ranging from small start-ups to established SME'S to large multinationals to expand the basic knowledge of data analytics, license existing technologies, offer spin-out opportunities and build new innovative solutions together with industry partners. New industry partners are welcomed at any time.

Insight develops innovative research applied to specific market problems within its industry engagements. The projects undertaken have a direct commercial and/or economic/ societal impact. The two current application domains are Connected Health and The Discovery Economy and cover different application areas:

The major research areas explored within the centres are: optimisation and decision analytics, machine learning and statistics, semantic web and linked data, media analytics, recommender systems and the sensor web.

Attractive funding opportunities from SFI, EI and Horizon2020 are available for future industry-research collaborations.

Further information and contact:

Regina Reulbach - Commercial Development Manager (