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Limerick Institute of Technology (LIT)

Address: Moylish Park, Limerick, Ireland.

Phone: +353 (61) 293000


Engaging in research is vital for LIT, both in terms of staff development and curriculum development. Research helps us to remain at the forefront of the disciplines we offer and to maintain links with industry, it informs our teaching, and it signifies the final step up the ladder of opportunity for our students.

We are establishing a clear focus for our research activity as we cannot cover every field. Criteria for determining these areas were the opportunities for cooperation across academic departments, relevance for regional industry and the community, differentiation from other third-level providers or indeed cooperation with them, and benefits to existing undergraduate programmes. Niches have been identified in Biotechnology or Consumer Foods, Renewable Energy Control Systems, new technologies in Construction, internationally traded services (Business), and studio-based work in Art and Design.

LIT actively seeks support from Local Industry to ensure that its research is in areas that are relevant to them. Funding is sought from Research bodies such as Irish Council for Science Engineering and Technology, Science Foundation Ireland, Environmental Protection Agency to name a few.

Department of Information Technology

The ACORN Research Group


Security and Digital Forensics, Internet Systems Development, Business Computing, Software Development, Multimedia Programming and Design, Office Management Systems, Computer Networks, Systems Management, CISCO, Applied Control for Distributed Renewable Energy Systems