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Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Technology Centre (PMTC)

Address: Gavin Walker, Office B-3049, CES Department, Plassey Park, Castletroy, Limerick

Phone: +353 (0)61 233 638


The vision of the PMTC is to support and develop the Irish pharmaceutical industry (small and large molecule) by improving manufacturing competitiveness and enhancing the research and development mandate and activity of Irish pharmaceutical manufacturing sites and companies.

The goals of the Centre:

1) The PMTC will conduct and coordinate research in advanced pharmaceutical manufacturing technologies which have a wide application across the Irish pharmaceutical industry.

2) The PMTC will assist in the coordination and be an easy access point for the Irish pharmaceutical industry to pharmaceutical related research facilities in Ireland including HEI facilities, Institutes and other Research Centres.

3) The PTMC will work closely with other Irish research centres and academic institutions to source additional funding for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing related research through company specific projects, collaborative projects and

EU framework programmes.

4) The PTMC will be a one stop shop to showcase advanced pharmaceutical manufacturing expertise and support academic-industry collaboration in relation to advanced pharmaceutical manufacturing technologies and knowhow for manufacturing industry and related service providers.


• Advanced Rapid Microbial Analytical Techniques

• Enabling and Control of Continuous Processing

• Soft Sensor Modelling Tools

• API Real Time Release PAT

• Pharmaceutical packaging technologies for anti counterfeiting


A number of very promising PAT related technologies have been developed in the initial interim research phase of the PMTC including:

• A novel rapid microbial apparatus for determining microbial contamination of excipients

• A Quality by Design approach (QbD) for continuous processing in Pharma production processes

• Soft Sensor modelling tools to maximise process robustness and operational efficiency

• PAT methods for assisting with at line analysis and Real Time Release of API's

• Pharmaceutical packaging technologies for product traceability, utility and integrity protection.