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Claude Shannon Institute

Address: UCD CASL, University College Dublin, 8 Belfield Office Park,Beaver Row, Clonskeagh, Dublin 4.

Phone: + 353 (1) 716 5319


This institute is a new and exciting development in Ireland for research in Mathematics of Communications. Funded under the new Science Foundation Ireland Mathematics Initiative, the Claude Shannon Institute's mission is to support research in broad areas of Mathematics of Communications. The Claude Shannon Institute has been founded with the following aims:

Support research in coding theory and cryptography, and all related areas of mathematics including discrete mathematics, algebra, algebraic geometry and number theory.

Create a network of mathematicians, engineers, computer scientists and industry partners.

Increase inter-institutional collaboration among the university partners National University of Ireland Maynooth, Dublin City University, University College Dublin, and the University College Cork.

Provide a coordinated interdisciplinary four year Ph.D. programme as part of a new Fourth Level Ireland, equipping graduates for both academia and industry.

Establish mathematics outreach and education programmes.