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The International Energy Research Centre (IERC)

Address: Prof. Tony Day, Executive Director, IERC, Tyndall National, Institute, Lee Maltings,Dyke Parade, Cork.

Phone: +353 (0)21 234 6950


The International Energy Research Centre (IERC) is an industry-led, collaborative programme of research and innovation in integrated sustainable energy systems. It has a large scale ambition to develop globally applicable solutions with a research budget of over €30m. The IERC works with international companies and researchers to find energy demand side solutions with the potential for real commercial impact. The IERC has developed a number of research themes, through industry workshops and dedicated scoping studies. The current research themes are in the areas of Commercial Buildings, Home Area Networks and Smart Factories, with five projects currently underway: Phase Change Material based heat store, Energy Monitoring Wireless Networked System, Robust Wireless Sensors for Building Usage Technology, Autonomic Home Area Network Infrastructure and Total Energy Management for Production Operations. We are also carrying out Innovation Needs Assessments in the areas of Wireless Sensor Networks and Human-Machine Interfaces. Each of these projects involve collaborations between several industry and academic partners.