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'Skillpages and UCD's SFI funded Clarity CSET Collaboration' image

Skillpages and UCD's SFI funded Clarity CSET Collaboration

The Skillpages innovation partnership project was originally envisioned by the company to leverage knowledge and expertise developed by UCD as part of the SFI funded Clarity CSET. Skillpages aims to provide its users a simple and efficient way to connect people who require skills ('Seekers') with those who have them ('Providers'). » read more

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Fujitsu Laboratories and DERI Research Collaboration

Each year Fujitsu spends approximately $2.4Bn on research worldwide and has four research centres around the globe employing 1500 researchers across the UK, China, USA and their headquarters in Kawasaki, Japan. » read more

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Financial Mathematics Computation Cluster (FMC2)

The Financial Mathematics Computation Cluster (FMC2) is a collaboration between Industry, University College Dublin, Dublin City University and NUI Maynooth. » read more

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This project allowed the members of the group to use their RFID and software development expertise to work on an applied research project with Altobridge. Altobridge collaborated with IT Tralee. » read more


Dai Nippon Printing - CNGL

In collaboration with DNP, CNGL designed a three-month feasibility study, which leveraged CNGL expertise and patent-pending innovations in the areas of: data cleaning, stylistic analysis, rapid domain training and tuning as well as post-editing optimisation. » read more

'Dairymaster - Feasibility Study' image

Dairymaster - Feasibility Study

Dairymaster were very pleased to engage with the Centre for Intelligent Mechatronics and Sensors (CIMSS) at the Institute of Technology, Tralee and we were very pleased with the expertise, service and results Dairymaster, collaborated with IT Tralee. » read more

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"The Innovation Partnership with Zolk C provides 3CS with a conduit to technology users who can validate the work of the research team. ZolkC is an Irish company that provides hand held technology solutions to tourism and heritage sites in Ireland, UK and North America. In Ireland, the company is behind the interactive experience of the New Ross tapestries. » read more

'Network+ and CISCO Certificate Network Associate (CCNA)' image

Network+ and CISCO Certificate Network Associate (CCNA)

Ericsson found working with ITB an excellent and beneficial experience. From the development of the programme to the delivery, they were an ideal partner. Approximately 100 Ericsson employees participated, with 93% successfully completing the training. Each completing participant awarded with an industry-recognised CCNA level 6 qualification. » read more

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Driver Education System

Since the inception of the company we have enjoyed strong support from IT Carlow. It has been our pleasure to build this relationship and hope it shall continue into the future. The Driver Education Centre is a start-up company based in the Enterprise and Research Incubation Centre at the Institute of Technology, Carlow (IT Carlow). » read more

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I cannot overstate the commitment, dedication and professionalism of ITB - they were brilliant-and certainly made our role at Damovo easier. Damovo Ireland provides enterprise ICT services and comprehensive solutions in unified communications, IP telephony, mobility, contact centre applications, speech self service and networking infrastructure. » read more