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Dai Nippon Printing - CNGL

12 December 2011
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Founded in Japan in 1876, Dai Nippon Printing (DNP) has grown to become one of the world's leading comprehensive printing companies. DNP has developed a unique vision of the future of multilingual, multi-modal digital media based on its significant expertise in the management of global multilingual content distribution. With the company predicting the coexistence of paper and digital media along with the anticipated creation of new forms of media, DNP engaged CNGL in 2010 on a collaborative project investigating the application of CNGL machine translation (MT) innovations for high-quality printed content.

Japan has a rich history, of almost two millennia, which has given rise to a vast body of literature known for its rich vocabulary and refined expressions of emotion that transcend cultural differences and geographic distance. This type of content has traditionally been a challenge for automated translation technologies, however DNP was particularly interested in exploring how well the CNGL MaTrEx MT platform could manage the task of translating Japanese to Spanish, French and German by using English as a pivot language.

In collaboration with DNP, CNGL designed a three-month feasibility study, which leveraged CNGL expertise and patent-pending innovations in the areas of: data cleaning, stylistic analysis, rapid domain training and tuning as well as post-editing optimisation. Despite an array of challenges including informal content style, expressive language and non-literal translation, the study demonstrated that advanced MT systems are indeed capable of producing sufficiently high-quality draft translations. Furthermore when those draft translations are properly optimised for post-editing, companies can expect savings of between 20-30% when compared to traditional translation workflows. The successful project has now led to a broader commercial engagement with DNP, facilitated by the Irish Government through Enterprise Ireland' Business Partner Programme that is examining strategies to integrate CNGL language innovations into their next-generation Global Meta-media Platform.

"Dai Nippon Printing has been actively engaged in the process for commercialising research outputs of CNGL and sees great opportunity to build on Ireland'ʹs leadership position in the localisation industry and take advantage of business opportunities with DNP and other Japanese companies seeking to adapt new media products and services from Japanese to English and European languages."

Mr. Takeshi Fukunaga, Head of the Global Meta Media Division, DNP

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