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Fujitsu Laboratories and DERI Research Collaboration

07 February 2013
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Each year Fujitsu spends approximately $2.4Bn on research worldwide and has four research centres around the globe employing 1500 researchers across the UK, China, USA and their headquarters in Kawasaki, Japan. In September 2010, Regina Moran CEO of Fujitsu Ireland, made a strategic decision to bring that world renowned research excellence to Ireland. From the outset the emphasis was to achieve research with a strong commercial edge that would introduce unique ICT services with the potential to open up new markets for Fujitsu Ireland.  

Collaboration would be at the heart of the approach taken. In order to grow a strong and enduring research capability a joint collaboration was decided where Fujitsu researchers would locate in Ireland to work alongside Irish based research groups. Fujitsu felt that such an approach would achieve a creative environment with the greatest potential to deliver an enduring research capability and the best opportunity for lasting success.  

Fujitsu Laboratories are a world renowned laboratory, the selection of the collaboration partner needed to promote, enhance and protect that reputation. The President of Fujitsu Laboratories set three specific criteria for the selection of the potential research groups; their research needed to be unique in nature, led by world class researchers and a strong international standing. As Head of Innovation, I was given responsibility for the research initiative in Ireland with the immediate task of identifying potential research partners who could meet the criteria. 


One of the first steps I initiated, as Head of Innovation, was to convene an advisory panel to understand the research landscape in Ireland. I had met Michael Martin at an ISIN organised event showcasing research in Ireland. It was clear to me then that both Michael and ISIN had an in depth knowledge of the various groups and could make a valued contribution to the advisory panel. As an advisor, Michael's knowledge and the network established by ISIN allowed Fujitsu to understand a number of aspects of each group beyond their research capability including key personalities and their academic standing within Ireland. The advice proved to be impartial, independent and trusted allowing Fujitsu to navigate the key groups to identify those which would embrace the ideals of a joint industry led collaboration.


Michael's ground up knowledge of the research community combined with the advice and support of the IDA and SFI resulted in the selection of a rich set of research groups. After much hard work, the outcome has been the recent announcement of Fujitsu Ireland's first research collaboration with the Digital Enterprise Research Institute (DERI) group based in NUI Galway. Led by Stefan Decker, unique world class research is central to its existence and this combined with openness to commercial collaboration is proving to be an exciting combination.


Announcing the research Tatsuo Tomita, President of Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd., said, "This joint research collaboration with DERI featuring large-scale research resources in the field of Semantic Web offers new R&D opportunities and represents a step forward toward the realization of a Human Centric Intelligent Society envisioned by Fujitsu."


Fujitsu Ireland and I wish to thank ISIN for their assistance at an early and crucial stage of our research collaboration initiative. I found the service it provides to be a valuable one-stop shop for advice, guidance and support regarding the research community within Ireland. I wish them continued and long success.


Anthony McCauley

Head of Innovation

Fujitsu Ireland