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Skillpages and UCD's SFI funded Clarity CSET Collaboration

08 February 2013
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The Skillpages innovation partnership project was originally envisioned by the company to leverage knowledge and expertise developed by UCD as part of the SFI funded Clarity CSET. Skillpages aims to provide its users a simple and efficient way to connect people who require skills ('Seekers') with those who have them ('Providers').

While Skillpages had internally developed a set of tools to perform the task of connecting Seekers with Providers it was felt that to scale the platform these systems would have to significantly more sophisticated. Skillpages engaged through Prof Barry Smyth of CLARITY with Enterprise Ireland to win funding for an 18 month Innovation Partnership.

CLARITY brought to the project the expertise, knowledge and know-how of two key post doc researchers (Dr Michael O'Mahony and Dr Kevin McCarthy) along with the occasional services of a software engineer and a number of PhD students. The project was not intended to create new IP but rather about the application of CLARITY knowledge to problems Skillpages had in their domain.

The project worked very efficiently through weekly meetings (it helped that Skillpages was based in Blackrock) where Skillpages brought problems and domain knowledge and CLARITY brought solution expertise. Knowledge was transferred through demo solutions and white papers. If a problem solution was accepted by Skillpages then Skillpages translated that solution into their software systems. During this process the project scope narrowed and was redefined because the CLARITY researcher were able to identify key areas in the Skillpages offering that would benefit most from the work in the Innovation Partnership.

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