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"Research and development are essential to the continued competitiveness and value proposition of our service portfolio to customers. We are committed to carrying out world‐class research and we believe that close collaboration between IRCSET and CNGL can deliver this." VistaTEC is a privately held, indigenous Irish company which provides Localisation Services to some of the world's most prestigious IT companies. Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland it delivers linguistic and technical services across more than 80 geographic languages through a worldwide network of partner office locations and is recognised for quality and innovation. » read more

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InterTrade- Fusion

Alan Berry, Managing Director of Marcon Computations, an environmental consultancy and software development company based in Galway, says "Fusion has been extremely influential in driving our aquaculture business forward and creating a range of new opportunities for us. » read more

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Vennetics-Innova Programme

Vennetics is a telecommunications software company, aiming to allow mobile operators to extend their service footprint to the PC screen. » read more