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30 November 2011
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Alan Berry, Managing Director of Marcon Computations, an environmental consultancy and software development company based in Galway, says
"Fusion has been extremely influential in driving our aquaculture business forward and creating a range of new opportunities for us. Our Fusion graduate, Tomasz Dabrowski, had just completed a PhD in Computation and Numerical Modelling when he started with us. He was the most qualified candidate and his background made him the perfect match to complete our project.
The project we wanted to develop was a computer desktop programme that demonstrates and assesses how the water quality in different areas changes and how these changes affect shellfish production. There is currently no product in the market like this.
It allows clients to select, on a map, areas of a Lough and discover the best areas for growing shellfish. Tomasz has been so good we have actually offered him a permanent job with us"
As well as having Tomasz, Fusion also partnered the company with Queen's University, Belfast's Centre for Marine Resources and Mariculture(C-MAR). This partnership has proved to be an invaluable resource.
Alan says "C-MAR was able to offer us numerous years experience in the aquaculture environment. While Macron's background is predominantly engineering. C-MAR lies in marine biology. We benefitted greatly from their knowledge and resources and by linking the two areas of expertise we had the perfect combination to develop our product.
While the software is in the development stage, a number of parties such as the Irish Fisheries Board and Aquacultural co-ops in the area have shown great interest in it as a weapon to optimise their shellfish production.
"I would definitely recommend Fusion to other companies. It is extremely well managed, professional programme and we have seen very positive results. The software that has been developed as a result of the programme has offered us a number of new business opportunities."

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