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Vennetics-Innova Programme

30 November 2011
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Vennetics is a telecommunications software company, aiming to allow mobile operators to extend their service footprint to the PC screen. While the company has a wealth of experience in the network server technologies used to offer coherent applications across multiple devices (such as mobile phones and laptops) we developed a requirement to build some new Rich Internet Applications on the desktop environment. Having decided on AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime) as an appropriate environment for our service development, when this product was still in it's infancy, we struggled to find partners with the right competences in this area.
Initially through the business network process, InterTrade Ireland was able to identify a company in Belfast that was working in exactly the right space. However, the InterTrade support then extended towards inviting us to submit an Expression of Interest around the Innova program. We have since begun an Innova funded project with our Belfast based partners and the benefits have already been huge, even though we are only half way through the project. Early prototypes of the new service we will develop have generated significant interest across Europe and we anticipate signing the first orders for technology coming out of Innova activities during 3Q 2010. I would have no hesitation in recommending the Innova program to any organisation looking at options for collaborative research.