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30 November 2011
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Cellular Infrastructure undergoes radical changes every ten years or so, each change cycle is usually described as the 'next generation' platform. The current network architecture transformation, the move toward IP-based systems is well underway. Socowave is in the middle of this technology revolution and is pioneering a new class of radio access network (RAN) called the Active Panel Antenna which is enabled by its patented digital radio-array control techniques.

The Active Panel Antenna actively maximises the wireless link from mobile users and the cellular network. It receives radio signals from cellular users and determines the 'angle of arrival' of the incoming signal. The master controller can complete a range of spatial processes as below:

  • Focus on users and optimise the radio link to them
  • Create 'noise-barriers' between cell areas
  • Scan the sector to identify location of users
  • Optimise transmit signal to location of users

This new technology displacing the traditional base station/antenna system with new 'multi-radio' solutions designed to address key challenges such as the need to:

  • Significantly improve wireless access speeds to the internet
  • Dramatically reduce energy consumption of the RAN
  • Automate the optimisation of the network over the lifetime of a network

Socowave has licensed its initial IP on an exclusive basis from NUI, Maynooth (Institute of Microelectronics and Wireless Systems) and established a development team in Cork to build a commercial solution around it. The team, headed by Conor O'Keeffe, came from Freescale Semiconductor and set about building the core technology required to build an Active Panel Antenna and has filed for protection on twelve patentable techniques, in the past year.

Socowave was founded by Joe Moore who has 30 years international experience in the Wireless Communications Industry. He held senior positions in Motorola Europe and Sigma Wireless Technologies. The company was established with seed capital from private investors and Enterprise Ireland.

Joe Moore said "Socowave is addressing a global, €5 billion market and is actively building a reputation within the wireless infrastructure ecosystem. We have already started to get some traction with Tier 1 vendors and Network Operators and are ahead of schedule in terms of technology development"

He added "Our beginning was enabled by our access to research output from NUIM and has extended to other universities. The connection with academia forms an important part of our technology strategy going forward".