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Mathematics and Industry

Air Elimination in Milk Pump Systems

This report summarises the work done by the Mathematics Applications Consortium for Science and Industry (MACSI) in Ireland on simulating a new design of milk metering equipment for Piper Systems Ltd. » read more


New FOREX Trend Currency Exchange Indicator

Research on economic time series analysis undertaken at Dublin Institute of Technology and funded by the Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) has led to the launch of a new Irish company that is focusing on currency pair exchange trading. » read more


Modelling Fraudulent Behaviour in E-Commerce

This project applied analytic models to identify fraudulent customers for ezetop, a company who provides an online mobile phone top-up service to over 130 mobile operators spanning 65 countries. Fraud occurs in their business when a fraudster uses a fake credit card to avoid paying for their service. » read more


Solar Reflector Design

Erin Energy initiated contact with MACSI and sought help to optimise the design and cost of solar reflectors. The company were aware that their panels were too thick. They needed guidance on how to approach this problem and required theoretical knowledge on how to solve it. The depth of the panels were also problematic for the construction industry. » read more


Optimising the Speed of Encryption

A new mathematical development in the theory of elliptic curves was translated into a speedup in the implementation of elliptic curve cryptography. The challenge is to find an equation that optimizes the speed of encryption, in both software and hardware. Another challenge is to find such equations quickly, because in some applications each user requires a different curve. » read more


Polysilicon Fuses

Polysilicon fuses are components of silicon chips which are blown as an irreversible programming step. Currently the ideal blowing voltage must be redetermined experimentally for every new chip design. These experiments are time consuming and delay the introduction of new products. Analog Devices contacted MACSI to ask if a mathematical model could be developed to model the fuse blowing process. » read more


Predicting Demand and Upselling to Clients

This project applied analytics to identify high-value car rental customers and predict future demand using the company's historic vehicle reservations database. For instance, this allows for the number of vehicles required at a particular location for a future date to be determined. » read more


Improving and Streamlining Quality Assurance

In the outsourcing industry, being able to provide quality assurance often means listening to samples from many thousands of customer interactions. To automate this process, whereby typical interactions are flagged, is a challenging problem, especially since the interactions are in the form of recorded conversations. » read more


Global Optimisers for World Winde Antenna Demands

The realisation of enhanced bandwidth on a printed monopole antenna was achieved with a Multi-objective Evolutionary Algorithm. The antenna radiating element and ground-plane features, both based on Bézier spline outlines, were simultaneously optimised for best radiating performance. » read more