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Company and Research Institute - Innovation Partnerships, FP7

Reprodoc and DCU - Innovation partnership

By being able to automate the technology we can provide services worldwide" Reprodoc collaborated with image analysis experts in DCU's Centre for Image Procxessing & Analysis. » read more


LAKE Communications and the Waterford Institute of Technology - FP7

LAKE Communications and the Waterford Institute of Technology - FP7 Designing Advanced Network Interfaces for the Delivery and Administration of Location Independent, Optimised Personal Services » read more

'Persist-TSSG EU FP7' image

Persist-TSSG EU FP7

The objective of PERSIST is to develop Personal Smart Spaces that provide a minimum set of functionalities which can be extended and enhanced as users encounter other smart spaces during their everyday activities. » read more

'Treemetrics-4C Innovation Partnership' image

Treemetrics-4C Innovation Partnership

4C is a UCC computer science research lab whose mission is to help computers help people make better decisions. 4C combines award winning science with active industry and government engagement. 4C was formed when Professor Freuder moved his research lab from the US, to merge with the UCC Constraint Processing Group. » read more

'CNGL-Symantec Innovation Partnership' image

CNGL-Symantec Innovation Partnership

Symantec is the world leader in providing solutions to help individuals and enterprises assure the security, availability, and integrity of their digital innovation. The Symantec Global Language Services Centre is responsible for company‐wide localisation management along with ongoing research and development efforts. » read more

'Storm Technology-DERI' image

Storm Technology-DERI

Academics do things in a very different way that can seem out of context with industry, but it makes you look at things differently. Storm Technology is an indigenous software solutions and services firm that has first-hand experience of working with university research. Company CEO Karl Flannery saw an opportunity to use funding support to explore ways of bringing more value to his business. » read more