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CNGL-Symantec Innovation Partnership

30 November 2011
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Symantec is the world leader in providing solutions to help individuals and enterprises assure the security, availability, and integrity of their digital innovation. The Symantec Global Language Services Centre is responsible for company‐wide localisation management along with ongoing research and development efforts.

In 2006 Symantec approached Invent DCU with a problem statement dealing with multilingual customer support. Due to demands on time, Symantec can currently only provide security alert information to many of its global customers in English. The time required for human translation means that translation is often not possible and, therefore, Symantec' customers do not receive critical information on security threats, in their native language.

After discussing the problem statement CNGL researchers suggested the Enterprise Ireland Innovation Partnership Program, which funds innovative academic and industry collaborations with the aim of facilitating new product development. Over several weeks CNGL researchers worked with Symantec to draft a joint application outlining a 24‐month research proposal with a budget for dedicated research staff, which was formally funded by EI later that year.

Dr. Sharon O'Brien CNGL and School of Applied Language & Intercultural Studies, is responsible for overall project administration, including technical and financial reporting while Symantec' Director of R&D, Language Services, maintains regular supervision of the project objectives. Additionally Symantec has allocated one of its R&D Engineers to support the project on a weekly basis, while the academic researchers spend an average of two days a week on site at Symantec.

When asked about his experiences with CNGL Dr. Fred Hollowood, Director R&D, Language Services at Symantec observed: "Funding from EI really helped us scale our R&D to meet this important challenge. Furthermore collaboration between project researchers and Symantec' internal customers really helps to focus the research direction and ensure its uptake within the organization."Ultimately, by leveraging the Enterprise Ireland Innovation Partnership scheme, Symantec has been able to undertake research in an area of great strategic importance in which it lacked the necessary expertise. By establishing a sustainable automatic translation process that produces a satisfactory level of information to non‐English speaking customers, Symantec will create a distinct competitive advantage in the market and firmly establish Ireland as the source of cutting‐edge innovation in the localisation sector.

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