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Internet Security

Dr. Pavel Gladyshev-UCD

Principal Investigator Dr. » read more


Professor Chen-Ching Liu-UCD

Principal Investigator: Professor Chen-Ching Liu Lead Institution: UCD Research Programme...Description: Defend ICT infrastructure against cyber intrusions Vulnerability assessment of critical infrastructures Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems for power grids » read more


Dr. David Gray, Dublin City University

Principal Investigator: Dr.David Gray Lead Institution: Dublin City University Research Programme Description: Identity-Based Signatures (IBS) are a new form of digital signature that are verified using the signer's name. IBS require a Trusted Authority (TA) to generate private keys. IBS also allows the extremely undesirable possibility of a TA's signing documents on behalf of users. Dr David Gray and another » read more


Professor Tom Coffey, University of Limerick

Principal Investigator: Professor Tom Coffey Lead Institution: University of Limerick Research Programme Description: The expanding use of online services, such as e-commerce and sensor networks, requires the protection of the transmitted information by security protocols. » read more


Professor Joe McCarthy-UCD

Principal Investigator: Professor Joe McCarthy Lead Institution UCD Research Programme Description There are nearly 10,000 new biomedical academic papers published per week, making it difficult for biologists to keep up-to-speed with new findings. » read more


Dr. Mike Scott-Dublin City University

Principal Investigator: Dr. Mike Scott: Lead Institution: Dublin City University: Research Programme Description: In every aspect of human endeavour, people like to set new records. Likewise countries take pride when their citizens set new records. It is the objective of » read more


Professor Gary McGuire-UCD

Principal Investigator: Professor Gary McGuire Research Programme Description: Communication systems are at the heart of everyday life, and mathematics is at the heart of these systems. » read more