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Ageing Well

09 February 2010
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 The Business of Ageing Partnership is a not-for-profit initiative involving a number of members of the Ageing Well Network - - Intel, IBM, Chambers Ireland, Amarach Research as well as Stillwater Communications and Animo Television.

The Ageing Well Network is an independent leadership network, funded by Atlantic Philanthropies, which brings together the heads of organisations across the private, public and voluntary sectors, who between them have the authority and influence to realise a shared vision

"An Ireland that is the best country in the world in which to grow old"

The Network is not an advocacy body, and does not lobby or take up public positions. Instead, it operates as a 'think tank', a knowledge community of experts and opinion formers, coming together to explore critical issues and share expertise among those who are in a position to influence Ireland's choices for the future.
Its meetings allow members to test and debate ideas, access the latest research and policy developments from Ireland and abroad, influence and be influenced by the cutting-edge thinking of the many different disciplines represented, and together determine best practice in relation to all aspects of ageing and older people.