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20 December 2011
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'Strategic Research in Advanced Geotechnologies, StratAG' image
Strategic Research in Advanced Geotechnologies, StratAG

The Strategic Research Cluster brings together researchers from NUI Maynooth, University College Dublin, Trinity College Dublin and Dublin Institute of Technology on a research programme in the area of Advanced Geotechnologies.

The work is focused around the generic theme of Geospatial Monitoring and Early Warning and consists of four interlinked research strands:

  • Geospatial sensor technology and spatial data fusion.
  • The development of algorithms for spatial data processing and modelling.
  • The development of advanced visualisation techniques for spatial data.
  • The delivery of integrated processed and filtered spatial data to locationally aware devices.

The sensor technologies involved in the research are based around integrated laser scanning and remote imaging. The laser sensors include both airborne and terrestrial LiDAR, and the imaging sensors include remote sensing from satellites, aircraft and vehicles with still and video cameras. The positioning technologies involved include GPS and inertial systems in airborne, terrestrial and marine environments. The processing of LiDAR data and its integration with positioning and imaging information to provide geospatial monitoring provides a major set of challenges for the team.

The research will be undertaken in collaboration with partners from both the geospatial industry in Ireland, in particular ESRI-Ireland and eSpatial Ltd, and Irish public agencies, including Ordnance Survey Ireland, the National Roads Authority, the Marine Institute and the Geological Survey of Ireland. These partners have committed funds and resources worth approximately €1.5M to the project. In addition, academic partners are drawn from universities in the US, Canada, UK, China and Finland.

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