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According to the European Cluster Observatory 38% of all European employees work in enterprises that are part of the cluster sector 

The ISA/ISIN are facilitating the set up of a Green IT Collaborative Clusters to help academics, indigenous software companies and MNC's to address particular problems posed by the Green IT industry in a collaborative fashion.

We want to create a platform for companies in the Green IT sector and bring together players from all the different technological fields and along the value chain.

It will be an opportunity for SME's to work with and partner MNC's in providing technology solutions in Green IT.

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Why get involved?

Why join a Special Interest Group or become a champion » read more

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City Smart - Champion of this group-IBM

Register here » read more

'Green ICT -Champion of this group - Dr. Tom Butler, UCC' image

Green ICT -Champion of this group - Dr. Tom Butler, UCC

Green ICT includes IT that have been designed with environmental sustainability in mind as well as integrated software and hardware platforms that underpin Green processes and products. » read more

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The Green Way - Clean Tech

The Green Way is a Cleantech cluster organisation in Dublin. It was founded in 2010 when a number of key regional stakeholders decided to collaborate in order to encourage green economic growth through the stimulation of the Cleantech sector in Dublin. The term Cleantech encompasses all industries and companies which are involved in sustainable development, eco-innovation (products, services, processes) and resource efficiency. » read more

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Green Cloud- Champion of group - Microsoft

Managing Data Centres in a Green way. Solar panels on the roof, more efficient cooling, energy management and other "green data centre" features will be great improvements. » read more

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Smart Metering

The impact of Smart Metering on the energy industry is growing, with cost predictions ranging within the billions for the next five to ten years. » read more

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Sustainable Energy

Sustainable energy is about using energy wisely and using energy generated from clean sources and clean technologies. » read more