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Medical Device Clusters

According to the European Cluster Observatory 38% of all European employees work in enterprises that are part of the cluster sector 

23 February 2010
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Benefits for you

Everyone will be aware of the IT cluster in Silicon Valley, the successful ICT Stockhom cluster or the financial services cluster in the City of London. These are the famous examples,

which benefited those areas geographically but also reaped rewards for the companies involved.

  • Increased level of expertise, allowing for the potential of inter-firm learning and co-operation
  • The ability of firms to draw together complementary skills in order to bid for larger pieces of work.
  • The potential for economies of scale to be realised by further specialising production within each firm.
  • Strengthening social and other informal links
  • Improved information flows within a special interest group
  • Enabling the development of an infrastructure of professional, legal and other specialist services.
  • Clusters offer opportunities for focusing human resource development provision in ways that are particularly beneficial for firm development

Interested in championing a Special Interest Group?

If you are interested in championing a group but unsure how to proceed, help is always at hand.

ISIN will

  •  work with you to develop information campaigns- the use of media, brochures and newsletters to publicise value of the group.
  • act as a faciltator to work with firms you may have identfiied to undertake some background profiling and scoping of the sector.
  • identify the appropriate sources of funding streams for the group.
  • help organise seminars, workshops and conferences you feel would be relevant for the group and sector.
  • discuss your group's potential strategic objectives and also to prioritise actions.