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01 December 2010
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The SmartOcean Cluster Initiative seeks to position Ireland as global leader in the development and deployment of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) for marine and environment related sectors.

The SmartOcean Cluster is actively facilitating networking opportunities for companies in Ireland's ICT, Cleantech and Marine Related Sectors and is supporting industrial engagement with the considerable innovation capacity in Ireland's Academic Research community. A range of industry led research and development activities are underway utilizing key National Testbed Facilities such as SmartBay: A National Research, Test and Demonstration Facility for the deployment of ICT in the Sea. Ireland's real world marine testbed facilities are key enablers for the consolidation and further development of Ireland's emerging Hi-Tech Marine Products and Services Sector. Commercial outputs of Ireland's SmartOcean Sector to-date include integrated approaches to distributed sensing, communication, data management, visualization and forecast technologies providing a suite of intelligent decision based management tools. Global application markets include marine transport, maritime security and logistics, aquaculture, environmental monitoring and emerging markets in the area of water/resource management, offshore installations and marine renewable energy.

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