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Open call for proposals of the European Data Incubator
EDIncubator¬†is an incubation programme supported by the European Commission, with a total of &eur... » read more
03 Jun 2019
NSAI - Compete to Travel to the IEC YP Workshop in Shanghai in China
NSAI are running a competition for the IEC YP workshop 2019 that will be held this year 21st-25th... » read more
03 Jun 2019
Applications Open for the National MSc in Artificial Intelligence
Technology Ireland ICT Skillnet is accepting applications for our National MSc in Artificial Inte... » read more
11 Mar 2019
Ireland Hosts 2019 European DatSci & AI Awards - Collaboration with BDVA/CeADAR
The 4th annual DatSci Awards will take place on the 5th September 2019. The full day event & Awar... » read more
03 Mar 2019