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Latest News

The Cybersecurity Skills Initiative - Access the Launch Document
The Cybersecurity Skills Initiative (CSI) is a direct response to the most consistent need of com... » read more
19 Oct 2018
HBAN - Calling Female Entrepreneurs - Rising Tide 3 Open for Applications
HBAN is committed to supporting the increase in female business angel activity on the island and ... » read more
19 Oct 2018
Scoping Skills Needs for IoT in Ireland - Your Chance to Input
The current decade has seen accelerating growth in the number and diversity of connected devices ... » read more
17 Oct 2018
Technology Ireland ICT Skillnet - Upcoming Cyber Skills Initiative (CSI) Courses
Technology Ireland's ICT Skillnet hosted a Cybersecurity conference on Wednesday 3rd of October a... » read more
08 Oct 2018

Latest Events

Startup Weekend Dublin
Your idea in 54 hours - Do you have an idea you'd like to pursue or a problem you'd like to solve... » read more
Innovation Forum - Smart Communities: City, Science & Industry Perspectives
This event will bring together the triple helix of Dublin City Council (Smart Docklands), Trinity... » read more
Techstars Startup Week™ Dublin powered by Dublin City Council brings entrepreneurs, local l... » read more
Mentorship for Women in Tech - Empowering Women
We are thrilled to run one more Stepping Up mentorship class before the end of the year! The obje... » read more
ICT Skillnet - AI Leadership Workshop
AI won't replace business leaders, but business leaders who understand AI will replace those that... » read more