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Date: 23 May 2018
Time(s): 0900-1700
Venue: 84-86 Lower Baggot Street, Dublin 2
'Leadership, Not Technology Creates Competitive Advantage' image

The senior leaders winning in the digital economy are not necessarily technically brilliant, they understand the opportunity that digital brings and create a culture of fearless innovation. They cultivate the 'digital mindset' within their organisation, use data to automate decisions and identify new opportunities that leverage emerging technological game changers. They have digitally transformed.

This workshop gives leaders the mindset, methods and tools to do the same. If you need a practical, proven and easily adopted solution to create new competitive advantage, overcome disruption and become more relevant to customers, this workshop will provide you with the understanding, language and framework to lead you own Digital Transformation.

This is a leadership course, not a technology course. The cost of the one day workshop is €495.00

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Ionology has invented the world's most advanced and practical digital transformation framework. It's a proven method to rapidly create data driven roadmaps for transformation. Using this framework, leaders are able to use empirical evidence to create new, sustainable competitive advantage leveraging technologies, innovation and communications.

This course will help you to... 

• Adopt the mindset of a 'digital innovator' 

• Become technically informed, agile, and innovative 

• Use data to identify the best transformation project opportunities 

• Deliver an evidence-based roadmap for your digital transformation

• Coordinate Leadership, IT, Marketing and R&D thinking and actions 

• Reduce failure by maximising resource and create new, sustainable competitive advantage.

This digital transformation course covers the major change blocks of digital transformation. Getting the right mindset is the starting point of the transformation journey. 

Morning Agenda:

Terminology – What is digital transformation, disruption, digital business strategy etc.?

The Different Approaches to Digital Transformation

The 5 Myths & Mistakes Leaders Make When Undergoing Digital Transformation

Practical – Transform a failing business

The Stages of Digital Evolution

Creating the 'digital mindset'

The 5 Change Blocks of Digital Transformation

Afternoon Agenda:

The 2 approaches to transformation - Outside-In versus Inside-Out

How to Lead Digital Transformation Projects

An Introduction to the 7 Principles of Digital Business Strategy

What is a digital transformation framework?

How to use data to diagnose your 'as-is' state in the digital economy

How to model your future state in the digital economy

How to calculate potential customers demand

How to use data in decision making

The relationship between Strategy, Technology, Innovation and Communications

Bridging the gap between Strategy and Technology