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BSI International Cyber Resilience Exchange 2019

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Date: 26 March 2019
Time(s): 0730-1700
Venue: Convention Centre, Dublin 1
'BSI International Cyber Resilience Exchange 2019' image

BSI International Cyber Resilience Exchange 2019 is a one day event which brings together leading international cyber intelligence experts and innovators to share their vision of making a secure digital future a reality. The exchange comprises of keynote speakers, panel discussions and interactive sessions designed to share the latest insights into strengthening organizational defence against cyberthreats. Learn how to achieve information resilience throughout your organization by developing an environment where infrastructure is protected, regulations are met, and trust is maintained.

Speakers include:

• Dr Jessica Barker – World expert on the human nature of cybersecurity
• James Lyne – Leading cybersecurity expert and Head of Research and Development at the SANS Institute
• Siân John MBE – Chief Security Advisor EMEA at Microsoft

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