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Date: 25 April 2013
Time(s): 0800-1030
Venue: IBEC, 84-86 Lower Baggot Street, Dublin 2

The Irish Software Association and its Innovation Network are delighted to invite you to register for this FREE to attend jointly hosted ISA/NSAI seminar on "The Business Case for the Adoption of Standards" with a specific focus on the value of standards to Irish Software and Technology organisations. Aimed at CIO/CTO/CRO/Project Managers/Standards & Compliance Officers, this two hour seminar will give you an insight into how the adoption of standards can become a key USP in your business model. In an ever increasing competitve global marketplace, standards are becoming a significant component of the business proposition. The NSAI develops and publishes Irish Standards, European Standards and International Standards with the aim of improving the quality, the design, the performance, the safety and the environmental impact of goods and services produced and sold in Ireland.

Attached Documents

PDF icon 0930 Lero_DCU Dr. Rory O'Connor Inside International Standards - A Contributor's Perspective (0930_Lero_DCU_Dr_Rory_O_Connor_Inside_International_Standards_A_Contributor_s_Perspective.pdf | 4.26 MB)
PDF icon 0950 Microsoft Terry Landers Working with Standards (0950_Microsoft_Terry_Landers_Working_with_Standards.pdf | 817 kB)
PDF icon 0830 NSAI Kieran Cox The Business Case for the Adoption of Standards (0830_NSAI_Kieran_Cox_Business_Case_for_the_Adoption_of_Standards.pdf | 861 kB)
PDF icon 0900 Alcatel Lucent Alan McBride Security Standards - The Trust Framework (0900_Alcatel_Lucent_Alan_McBride_Security_Standards_-_The_Trust_Framework.pdf | 1.04 MB)