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Date: 14 March 2018
Time(s): 1600-1900
Venue: Teeling Whiskey Distillery, 13-17 Newmarket, Merchants Quay, Dublin 8.
'Capventis and Alteryx - Whiskey and Data: Chasing Time Event' image

Time invested in preparing and blending whiskey improves the resulting spirit. Days and hours preparing and blending your data often doesn't improve the outcome, leaving less time for analysis and real insight. 

Spend 3 hours with Capventis and Alteryx in Teelings Whiskey Distillery and you'll see: 

  • How using Alteryx can accelerate the preparing and blending of data from multiple sources, in repeatable and scheduled workflows 
  • How to develop predictive capabilities and model your future business
  • How AON has streamlined ETL activities and delivered Self Service Analytics
  • The texture, nuance and taste differences between single grain and single malt whiskey

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