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Cyber Risk and Outsourcing - Breakfast Briefing

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Date: 15 January 2019
Time(s): 0700-1000
Venue: Spencer Hotel Dublin City Excise Walk IFSC, D1
'Cyber Risk and Outsourcing - Breakfast Briefing' image

The Central Bank of Ireland recently published a discussion document on "outsourcing", in which they stated "the level of board awareness and quality of governance and risk management remains far from satisfactory".

It goes on to drill down on specific areas of weakness, such as:

  • Governance
  • Risk management
  • Business Continuity Management

They went on to emphasise their concerns over the regulatory and cyber related risks presented by the use of cloud service providers.

CyberPrism is an award winning methodology and assessment tool that can be utilised by regulated firms and their suppliers in order to address these concerns.

We invite members of the financial sector to join us for a breakfast briefing to discuss the concerns raised by the CBI in their document and provide guidance on how to address them in a strategic manner.

You can register here