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IC4 DCU- DevSecOps Discussion With Red Hat

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Date: 14 November 2018
Time(s): 1330-1500
Venue: Room SA301, Stokes Building Dublin City University Glasnevin Campus D09 E432 Dublin
'IC4 DCU- DevSecOps Discussion With Red Hat' image

With the exciting news of IBM's acquisition of Red Hat, IC4 is delighted to announce that William Henry, Portfolio Architectures & Senior Director of Red Hat will be coming to DCU for DevSecOps Discussion.

About the talk

Moving to containers and Cloud Native does not automatically solve your continuous integration and continuous deployment challenges. For one thing, cloud-native does not automatically mean secure. There is a lot of affirmation about shifting security left in the lifecycle. However, that means more than just having the communications between development, operations and security. It requires automating security at scale. If you don't secure your supply chain and software manufacturing pipeline it can cost you lost business, massive unnecessary technical debt and the costs associated with that, or the complete failure of your business.

What will the talk focus on?

The talk will focus on four areas: application pipeline, infrastructure pipeline, supply chain, and monitoring and logging. Then we will look at how cloud-native approaches and tooling are addressing different problems in these areas. All with the goal of reducing risk and raising the level of confidence in the software manufacturing and delivery pipeline.

• 13:30 - 13:45 - Registration

• 13:45 - 14:45 - DevSecOps Discussion

• 14:45 - 15:00 - Questions & Answers

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