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Date: 27 February 2019
Time(s): 1000-1100
Venue: DCU Invent, DCU Campus, Glasnevin, D9
'DCU - Intellectual Property, All You Need to Know, Seminar and IP Clinic' image

This seminar will be followed by an opportunity to have a one-to-one meeting with FR Kelly to discuss your IP issues. If you wish to make an appointment, please email

Patents can be the keystone for many new businesses and especially new product and technology companies. There is still a mystery about patents.

What have you protected if anything
How and what to protect to fulfil a commercial objective
Where does your IP need to GET TO
Is IP strategy aligned with a business plan - Territory, Competitors, Licensing
Freedom to operate

Patent Strategy – Essential
Appropriate Protection - protect your investment - The patent claims.
Key patents in key markets - to enable a business to grow geographically
Costs -- what and when -- Cash flow
No leakage -- prevent competitors. Cover later product developments

Develop Strategy 
How does patent or IP support your business objective 
Does patent help with customers 
Is patent (IP) important for investors - or EXIT 
Track the inventions via business plans 
Ownership - employee contracts 
Monitor Competitors and your sector
Make sure you don't infringe
Is anyone infringing your patents

Trade Marks
The value of any business is closely tied up with its brands -- Trade Marks. It is important to get the branding right at the start as the value grows over time.
What is a Trade Mark
Why should you register
How to register
Goods/Services - What to protect
Are you free to use your Trade Mark? – Searching
When to file
Where to file
How to use a Trade Mark
Trade Mark Strategy

How a product looks is now often just as important as to how it works. Many businesses overlook need to protect appearance.
What is a Registered Design
How to get a Design
Design strategy
Where to file