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Date: 10 September 2018
Time(s): 0830-1430
Venue: Institute of Banking, Citi Building, North Wall Quay, D1
'FMC Cluster - Fintech & Financial Risk Management - Evolution or Revolution?' image

A joint academic-practitioner conference on the theme Fintech and financial risk management: evolution or revolution? will be held in at the Institute of Banking, Citi building, Dublin, Ireland on Monday September 10, 2018. The conference is organised by the Financial Mathematics and Computation (FMC) Cluster, the Department of Economics, Finance & Accounting at Maynooth University, the Smurfit School of Business at University College Dublin, and the Central Bank of Ireland. 

New financial technologies are producing widespread changes to financial markets and financial systems. The effects of the fintech revolution on risk measurement, analysis and control are not yet clear. How does fintech change the risk profile of financial markets? Can existing risk management systems cope with the new environment? What changes are required to existing financial risk management methods and systems? Will innovative applications of fintech improve risk measurement and management? The conference includes invited talks, a practitioner panel discussion and posters.

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