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Date: 25 April 2018
Time(s): 0800-1030
Venue: 84-86 Lower Baggot Street, Dublin 2
'Forum Seminar - Managing the Demands for Innovation and Industry Change' image

People are said to be a business's greatest asset. Processes are designed, operated and managed by people, yet often these systems and the people that run them are taken for granted until there is a problem. Some problems result in failures that can be catastrophic, both for a business or an individual. Only then are these processes challenged or examined.

We are pleased to invite Prof. Sam Cromie Director of the Centre for Innovative Human Systems (CIHS) to share with us his experience of understanding and changing systems and processes. Based in Trinity College Dublin, the CIHS has collaborated with a range of national and international industries for the past 25 years. Its unique offering has focussed on bringing together a range of perspectives to develop a better way of describing, understanding and effectively changing these systems and processes. Psychology, Business and Organisation, Engineering and Computer Science, and Health Sciences all contribute to the work of the Centre.

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So why attend:
Sam will be highlighting the Centre's transfer of R&D outcomes into successful innovation in the following areas: 

Human Centred Design: The benefits of giving the human role early, thorough and professional attention.

Automation: The critical consideration of the human interaction with automation.

Process and System Modelling: Improving a process requires getting a rich picture of the "as-is" process; only then can a workable "to-be" process be defined.

Risk and Performance: People pose risks, but are also the most dynamic risk managers.

Competence: The greatest performance gain can be achieved through focus the non-technical skills.

Communication and Coordination: Given human communication the thorough attention ICT systems receive. 

Change Management: Introducing change is as critical, and often more challenging, than the change itself.

Training & Education: The CIHS offers a range of training and education activities from an online Masters in 'Managing Risk & System Change' to shorter Human Factors and Safety Management shorter courses. 

The CIHS has a large network of research and industrial partners across aviation, healthcare, security, and other sectors including the likes of Airbus, Boeing, Pfizer and Statoil. The CIHS is about much more than research, it is a hub for education, training and consultancy services, building ever stronger collaborations with and building competence in industry.

Target Audience: CIO, CTO, Project Managers, Business Analysts, Risk Managers.


0800-0830 Networking/Teas/Coffees

0830-0840 Introduction - Dave Feenan Innovation Forum

0840-0845 Welcome - Anthony McCauley, Fujitsu & Forum Chair

0845-0930 Why Engage with CIHS - Profs. Sam Cromie & Siobhan Corrigan

0930-1000 Industry Case Studies 

1000-1030 Q&A - Close

Attached Documents

PDF icon 0930_Siobhan_Corrigan_CIHS_Presentation (0930_Siobhan_Corrigan_CIHS__Presentation.pdf | 3.78 MB)


PDF icon 0950_Niall_Ferns_CIHS_And_The_Irish_Caost_Guard (0950_Niall_Ferns_Irish_Coast_Guard_Presentation.pdf | 1.04 MB)


PDF icon 0830_Dave_Feenan_Innovation_Forum_Overview (0830_Dave_Feenan_Innovation_Forum_Overview.pdf | 578 kB)


PDF icon 0845_Hugh_O_Neill_Trinity_College_Dublin_Presentation (0845_Hugh_O_Neill_Trinity_College_Dublin_Presentation.pdf | 1.00 MB)


PDF icon 0850_Sam_Cromie_CIHS_Centre_For_Innovative_Human_Systems (0850_Sam_Cromie_CIHS_Presentation.pdf | 5.92 MB)