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Date: 13 June 2018
Time(s): 1730-2030
Venue: Rocketspace, 40 Islington High Street, Angel, London
'Halo Business Angel Network's (HBAN) London Syndicate Event' image

We are delighted to invite you to the next Halo Business Angel Network's (HBAN) London Syndicate event on June 13th at 17.30 in Rocketspace, 40 Islington High St, Angel, London.

HBAN is the All- Island umbrella organisation for Angel investing in Ireland, with over 400 deals closed, over €85m invested and over 700 active angels. In Ireland we have twelve syndicates (Tech, Medtech, Food) and we have recently set up successful HBAN Syndicates, with an Irish Affinity, in New York and Singapore.

Annually HBAN present 100 plus qualified deals to the Network and close out between 40 and 50 in any one year. The average angel investment in a deal a €285k, however, due to the syndicated nature of the deals 60% of individuals invest less than €50k per deal, with 30% less than €25k.In our first year with New York and Singapore we closed out 4 and 2 deals respectively and we are aiming to close out 3 to 5 deals with each annually.

For our London Syndicate we are aiming for similar, or higher, and pulling together a group of likeminded individuals seeking qualified deal flow from the island of Ireland and looking to co-invest alongside a local Irish lead investor, with due diligence documents available and a UK focus. Please click here for an overview document which gives you further information on HBAN and the London Syndicate. We hosted our inaugural event on March 21st where we had a great response and feedback with 3 of the companies being considered for investment and having onboarded 10 members to the group

On June 13th, we will have 4 companies presenting on the evening who have already raised money or are in the process of fundraising from HBAN angels in Ireland. Furthermore, we will insights and discussion from the Chair of London Syndicate Harry Mc Dermott, National Director of HBAN John Phelan and Laura Lynch of Laura Lynch & Associates who has provided strategic tax and business advice to the HBAN MedTech Syndicate since its inception and now plays a critical role in bringing the groups deals to completion

The 4 companies presenting are:


Orca approved as Innovative Finance ISA provides Peer to peer lending. It allows you to invest across multiple peer to peer lending platforms to diversify your risk, all from the Orca Platform.

Bluedrop Medical

Bluedrop Medical is focused on developing and commercialising an IOT enabled device, which can predict the formation of diabetic foot ulcers. Bluedrop Medical's device enables diabetic foot ulcers to be detected early; when treatment is easier and less costly with the potential for much greater patient outcomes.


Cerebreon have developed a platform which uses advanced image recognition, machine learning and process automation software to reduce the case processing time of UK insolvency cases. The software replaces the large variable cost of data entry resource, reducing overall cost by 75%, is the first offering of its kind to the market, and is also the only fully GDPR compliant solution.


CitySwifter is an early stage company who have developed a business intelligence platform focused on providing the technology component to radically transform and disrupt how modern urban networks are conceived and delivered through the use of data-driven, real-time, dynamic and predictive analytics.

Please RSVP here to register and if you have any questions please get in touch with me ( and I will be delighted to assist.