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IC4 - The 1st Quarterly Symposium on Data Centres

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Date: 16 January 2018
Time(s): 0800-1300
Venue: Q305/6, Third Floor, DCU Business School, DCU Campus, D09 FW22 Glasnevin
'IC4 - The 1st Quarterly Symposium on Data Centres' image
Ireland is home to one of the largest data centre clusters in Europe. The rapid growth in the adoption of cloud, fog and edge computing is supercharging demand for data centre capacity, however it raises a number of issues that data centres must constantly monitor and address. These include data centre standards, data security and protection, performance monitoring, resource optimisation, energy efficiency and support for new use cases, services and workload, and interoperability across independently managed, data centre infrastructures and operators.
On 16 January 2018, IC4 will be holding the first symposium in a series of quarterly events on data centres. It will feature talks on legal, policy, business and technical issues and opportunities relating to the operation and design of data centres. The programme for the event will begin with a networking breakfast at 8am, followed by a series of speakers covering a range of topics including data centre standards, data security, and public sector data centre strategy. After a coffee break, Professor John Morrison will present the results of CloudLightning, a Horizon 2020 project that offers a novel solution to increased resource utilisations and energy efficiency. The symposium will conclude with a panel discussion. Speakers on the day include Prof. John Morrison (University College Cork), Mark O'Neill (Microsoft), Barry Lowry (Irish Government CIO), David Sandars (Uptime Institute), Jack Nagle (IC4) and others we are in the process of confirming.