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Innovation Forum/Singlepoint Seminar - Digital at Scale

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Date: 17 October 2018
Time(s): 0800-1010
Venue: 84-86 Lower Baggot Street, Dublin 2
'Innovation Forum/Singlepoint Seminar - Digital at Scale' image

Digital at Scale examines what it takes for companies to capture the full value of digital. Pulling from practical real-world insights we'll demonstrate how successful digitisation calls for bold moves, scale and reinvention of the core to harness the full potential of digital. 

Reinventing the core, means transforming people, processes and technology to enable organisations operate with greater agility, greater responsiveness and ultimately serve customers better.

We'll hear from Dave Power, Chief Solutions Officer at eShopWorld who will share with us their journey of digital transformation and how "inside out transformation" has helped harness real business growth, keeping them top of the league table of global online luxury retailers. Being successful in this new digital era requires reinventing your business, your capabilities, and your organisation – transforming the core. Only change at this level will enable the organisation to operate with more agility and serve customers better. Dave will share some of the challenges eShopWorld has faced and continue to face in this fast-paced dynamic industry and he'll demonstrate how digitising at scale can deliver game changing results.
Brian Seery, CTO of Singlepoint will discuss the different technology solutions and accelerants to infuse real digital capabilities within an organisation. Working across different sectors and for many large legacy organisations, Brian has witnessed first-hand the challenges CTO's face daily. At a practical level he'll answer the question of "how do we drive digital at scale", cognisant that if companies don't move at pace, there is a gravitational pull that brings them back to the way they used to operate.
Johann Cardiff, Head of Consulting with Singlepoint will discuss the importance of Culture and Organisational Transformation to support the digital agenda. While most people think about digital transformation in purely technology terms, successful digital transformation requires alignment between culture and operational systems and Johann will share her top 5 tips on making your organisation digital ready from a culture and organisational perspective.
0800-0830 Networking Teas/Coffees
0830-0845 Welcome - Dave Feenan Innovation Forum Manager/Susan Kelly ICT Skillnet
0845-0905 How do we Drive Digital at Scale? - Brian Seery CTO Singlepoint
0905-0930 Inside Out Transformation - Dave Power Chief Solutions Officer eShopWorld
0930-0950 Digital Transformation Culture - Joann Cardiff Head of Consulting Singlepoint
0950-1010 Q&A/Close