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Dates: 20 November 2017 - 21 November 2017
Venue: IMI Sandyford Road, County Dublin
'Ionolgy/Novosco Leading Digital Transformation' image

An intensive 2-day course for Senior Business Leaders who need a practical, proven and easily adopted solution to create new competitive advantage in the digital age. Digital innovators are winning in the rapidly evolving digital economy. They have access to the same technology and resources as everyone else, so what's their winning formula? They have digitally transformed.

We can help you do the same. 

Why take this course? 

This course demonstrates how the key principles of digital transformation can be applied to

any organisation, using a practical, data-driven framework. Leaders use the Ionology Digital

Transformation Framework to create new competitive advantage, avoid disruption and

become more relevant to the customer.

About our Digital Transformation Framework

The framework helps leaders to systematically identify the most efficient route that will

enable their organisation to achieve their strategic goals, create a plan of action for teams to

execute and ensure those outcomes are delivered. The framework is easily implemented

which means effective change is rapidly achieved.

See attached PDF for further information

To book your place on the Leading Digital Transformation course, please contact

Orla Jackson, Tel: +44 2890 455911; Email:

Attached Documents

PDF icon Course Brochure (2-day_Digital_Transformation_Course_Brochure.pdf | 4.57 MB)