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Leveraging the Cloud in Financial Services

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Date: 04 June 2015
Time(s): 1330-1700
Venue: Ibec, 84-86 Lower Baggot Street, Dublin 2
'Leveraging the Cloud in Financial Services' image

David Bannister, Editor of Banking Technology, wrote in March of this year that "Financial Services firms are still cagey about cloud computing". He made these comments in the wake of a CSA survey report that showed 61% of respondents in the financial services industry admitting to having no, or only a very early stage, strategy for deploying cloud computing in their organisations.

This contrasts with a RightScale survey report from February of this year which showed that 82% of technology companies have adopted a hybrid cloud strategy (i.e they have thought through how to deploy their software applications in the cloud).

Clearly, the financial services industry has reservations about using cloud computing, despite its accepted benefits of increased agility, efficiency and reach. As part of IC4's goals to help Irish based companies to both develop more innovative cloud services as well as to consume more cloud services, we would like to invite you to participate in a workshop to explore how IC4 can help the financial services sector to increase its trust in the cloud.

The workshop will be facilitated by Brian Hayes, former Managing Director of Citibank Europe and V.P. of Citibank N.A. and will be co-hosted with ISIN at the IBEC offices on Lower Baggot St.

The workshop will be structured to provide participants with an opportunity to:
i) understand how IC4 engages with industry and to see examples of the work we have done
ii) hear from industry participants about how they have engaged with IC4 and/or leveraged the power of cloud computing
iii) network and discuss with fellow participants the areas where IC4 could help overcome obstacles they face in adopting cloud computing
iv) contribute to the prioritisation of the ideas that have been generated and presented.

The event is targeted at Financial Services and Fintech organisations who are using the Cloud or considering the future use of the Cloud.

Free to attend – Register at