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MIX-AI World Summit & Conference on Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

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Dates: 24 July 2018 - 26 July 2018
Time(s): All Day
Venue: Trinity College Dublin
'MIX-AI World Summit & Conference on Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning' image
MIX is aimed at researchers, innovators and thought leaders from the both the public and private sectors. The raison d'être of MIX is to break down barriers between researchers and innovators and to promote Multidisciplinary Innovation eXchange. The core theme of the 2018 MIX is Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how its potential can be harnessed across sectors and disciplines to address today's most pressing global challenges.  

MIX-AI will specifically focus on the following societal challenges:

  • AI for Health and Wellbeing
  • AI for Food/Agriculture & the Bioeconomy
  • AI for Energy & Environment
  • AI for Transportation
  • AI and its Impact on Society
  • AI for Business & Finance​

A draft schedule for MIX-AI is available here.