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Nimbus – Cork – Bringing Silicon Valley to Ireland.

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Date: 21 January 2019
Time(s): 0800-1800
Venue: 2nd Floor Pairc Ui Chaoimh, Cork
'Nimbus – Cork – Bringing Silicon Valley to Ireland.' image

In January 2018 Nimbus and Steritrack hosted an exemplary conference titled Beyond IoT (Internet of Things). The event brought world renowned speakers from the US and Europe to share their thoughts on the next wave of technology, innovation and investment. Over 400 people attended and the quality set a new benchmark.

This coming 21st January 2019 we intend to host a similar event, but with more top-tier speakers from the USA, including, Vitaly Golomb, John Biggs (TechCrunch), Dave Troy (Mailstrom) and Jon Soberg (Expansive Ventures), to name a few. We will showcase Irelands' R&D capabilities, EI Technology Gateways and leading companies in the sector with over 20 cutting edge R&D projects and teams from Nimbus, Cappa, Medic, Halpin, Connect, Confirm , Applied IoT, IMaR, TSSG, WISAR, COMAND and more, all available to discuss how their capabilities can support your venture.

We will also provide the opportunity for individuals to have one-2-one meetings with our guest gurus. Commercial topics include – Funding, Scaling Strategies, Markets. Technical topics include – Mega Trends, Research Strategies, Blockchain, Security, Artificial Intelligence/Dig Data, Augmented and Virtual Reality. Application areas include – Industry 4.0, Agritech, Energy, Water, Smart Cities, MedTech, Transport, Demographics & Human Behaviours and more.

We are taking the entire 2nd floor of Pairc Ui Chaoimh, Cork and will be filling it with the most exciting people and technology available to us and our partners.

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