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Date: 13 March 2019
Time(s): 0745-1630
Venue: Convention Centre, Dublin 1
'PM Summit - Inclusivity NOT Exclusivity' image

Now in its fifth consecutive year, more than 250 delegates are expected to attend the summit. The PM Summit aims to attract a diverse group of project management professionals, creating a forum for the transfer of knowledge and exploration of new ideas. 

Unlike other project management events, the PM Summit caters to all sectors of industry, from engineering and pharmaceutical, to government bodies and IT, and beyond. It is not aligned with any one institution, professional body or methodology – the tagline being inclusivity not exclusivity. 

The summit will feature three keynote speakers and 15 presentations across three separate tracks. Renowned economist, David McWilliams will deliver a keynote on how the appetite for projects are tied to the health of the economy. Visually-impaired athlete and lawyer, Dr Sinead Kane will talk about overcoming adversity to achieve personal and business growth. Space explorer, Dr Niamh Shaw will discuss the relevance of creativity, collaboration and community in success. 

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