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Date: 17 May 2018
Time(s): 0800-1000
Venue: Aviva Stadium, Dublin
'TechFire  - Is it high time for Hybrid, the Next Wave of Enterprise Cloud' image

The journey to the cloud has turned out to be less straightforward than initially thought, and reality has set in that public cloud is not necessarily the right fit for all.

Meanwhile, hybrid cloud continues to enjoy advances in customisation and management, ensuring organisations can deploy the right workloads in the right place. 
As commentators continue to predict the future as predominantly hybrid, the next TechFire briefing asks how can Irish organisations capitalise on this growing trend?

We will explore the possibilities of hybrid cloud and what they mean for Irish enterprise, including an insightful interview with Patrick Brennan, Head of IT at Kingspan, as he shares the realities of managing a vast technology portfolio and reveals what specific elements of cloud planning and migration strategy are critical for any successful deployment. 

TechFire events are free to attend, but booking is essential here.